Clouded Light

by millicow

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millicow Clouded Light, millicow's third album, incorporates new lessons and experience to go beyond the previous two albums. This one is especially focused on expressing the inner struggles that artists - and humans in general - sometimes go through in life. While things do get dark, there is always a silver lining hidden in there, and the music reflects that, bringing new perspective and strength to a soul walking through the darkness. Favorite track: Mortality.
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The brevity and darker vibe of this album, or EP if you like, reflects the darkness I had to fight through in order to create these songs over the course of the last three months.. When life is busy and chaotic and your mind is too, it's hard to find time to create, and when you do get a moment, you're often too tired or stressed for creativity to flow freely. But, in life as well as in these songs, there is always a silver lining woven into the darkness. For me, that silver lining is my art. As long as I keep creating, I don't get too depressed.

Creativity is elusive when you aren't at peace, but it's important to understand that the peace is always there. It's always a part of you. It's the other emotions that can drown out the silence of peace. Emotions are not to be conquered, or controlled, or battled, or escaped. They are a part of us for a reason.

To make peace with the fact that you aren't okay rather than resisting it, is to allow the pain to pass through as smoothly as possible, and the more you practice this, the more resilient you become. You still feel emotions, but you don't get overwhelmed by them. When you're overwhelmed, simply accept it and observe. Chaos is transitory. It stirs up old patterns and brings opportunities for change and growth. Just hang in there until it's passed - and it will pass. You can learn to float on the river no matter how rapid it becomes. You do not have to drown. Be the eye of the storm.

Enough of this suffering on repeat, repeat
Trying and trying to seek the peace
I already have it, always in me
Its silence is drowned by other feelings

I will not try so hard for peace
If I make peace with these negative feelings
They will run their course naturally
To reveal what has always been underneath

It's okay that I'm not okay
Day by day the pain will fade
Pain always exists in one form or another
But I'd rather it change than stagnate and fester.


released August 4, 2019

the millicow (music) (samples) (software)




millicow Lawson, Missouri


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